Web Applications Web Applications are the next BIG thing! Much like their mobile counterparts, these web apps gives you new ways to experience the web.

At Dream Designs, we develop unique web applications that help you solve or simplify various tasks in your every day business needs.

All apps come with a single-user license. Contact us for multi-person or business license.

Web Applications

HTML5 Signature Pad to Image v1.4

HTML5 Signature Pad to Image Need a customer's signature saved to an image? This is the perfect solution! Draw, sign or touch-n-slide to add your signature and save it to an image format with transparency. It's the perfect solution if you need a signature for legal documents, purchase invoices, contracts or other important docs.

Easy to use Plug-n-Play app for any web browser, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that supports HTML5 and Canvas image export.

Single License: $8.00
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HTML5 Signature Pad to Image V2 v2.0

HTML5 Signature Pad to Image V2 A NEW and ENHANCED version of the popular Signature App is COMING SOON!

Sold only here at Dream Designs

Single License: $12.99

Drag-n-Drop Bulk Image Uploader v1.0

Drag-n-Drop Bulk Image Uploader An easy to use bulk image uploader with Drag-n-Drop functionality. Simply select a bunch of images from your computer, drag them and drop them. Get an instant preview with progress bars. Instantly mass upload them to your website directory.

Features include - Convert any non self-closing html5 element into a Drag n Drop area. - Bulk drag n drop with instant auto upload - Have multiple Drag n drop areas at once - Dynamic upload progress bars on each image - Show preview thumbs on the fly - Drag images out to instantly delete - Click delete icon to instantly delete - No jQuery libraries needed - 30+ customizable settings - Easy to use API & References

Single License: $9.00
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Simple Markup Formatter + Highlight v1.0

Simple Markup Formatter + Highlight Need to format some markup for presentation, Style Guide or simply to clean up some old codes? The Simple Markup Formatter + Highlight will format your markup super quick and easily. With an added bonus, it will even color code your markup tags, attributes and attribute values.

Features includes - Simple 2 step install process - Format any blocks of markup for both HTML5 and HTML4 - Format multiple blocks of markup simultaneously - Color codes html tags, tag attributes and attribute values - No jQuery libraries needed - 5 Optional Callback mechanisms - 10+ customizable settings

Single License: $9.00
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