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Industry standard web and design applications are the bases behind the development of any project that is undertaken. For the development of Web Applications, Graphic Designs, and Web Templates, a multitude of programming languages and graphic applications are utilized to offer clients a vast array of options and customization.

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Web application, process, devices Started 2003 in Fresno California, Dream Designs has helped clients across dozens of various industries and verticals. We have helped establish everything from small mom-n-pop shops to e-commerce platforms, revenue generating landing pages to lead generating web apps, personal blogs to complex database driven content portals.

Now based in Long Beach CA, Dream Designs continues to serve clients in the latest technologies, techniques and web standards. Contact us with your needs!

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consult, design, develop, program At Dream Designs, we strive to keep up-to-date in today's web standards. This means we adhere to recognized bodies such as the W3C, Mozilla Foundation and IEEE.

What does that translate to for our client? We will deliver a solution that will stand up to today's standards, while being compatible and simply work across across various devices, platforms and browsers. That includes both mobile & desktop.
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